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Thursday, January 06, 2011


A shallow depth refrigerator (24 inches depth with or without the door) is a good design idea for upscale kitchens. Since the refrigerator cabinet does not protrude into the kitchen, the refrigerator can be placed anywhere. You also do not see a textured or unfinished side.

SubZero actually manufactured the first shallow refrigerator in the 60's. Now almost everyone manufactures some type of shallow product. There are three styles: regular counter depth, professional and integrated.

Have a peek...

Counterdepth (regular): This is the least expensive option starting at $1349. It is a refrigerator only less shallow. The doors protrude, but the actual refrigerator is hidden in the cabinet at 24 inches.

Professional: Professional is the style started and popularized by SubZero. Compressor is on the top for a more commercial appearance in stainless or can be paneled.

Integrated: This is the newest and fits within a cabinet at 24 inches WITH the door. Unlike the Pro and the regular, an integrated refrigerator is totally hidden inside the cabinet.

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