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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am finally excited about a product. You are probably thinking it's some ridiculously expensive product which I can foist upon you...

Have a look at this 10 second video.

The magnetic collar on a Commodore disposer is inspired. You do not have to worry about silverware, wedding rings (unless you want) or anything metallic being chewed in your disposer

How to buy a disposer:

1. Type: There are two types, batch and continuous feed. Batch is turned on by a a cover, and continuous is activated by a switch. Conventional wisdom says batch is safer, but continuous is easier to use.

2. HP: Horsepower dictates the speed of the grinding. More horses (and the best is 1 1/4) means better grinding capability.

3. Warranty: Runs the gamut from almost none to lifetime.

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