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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fluorescent vs Incandescent

Look at this curious installation in my closet...

You never see both lamp types in a closet. If you everinstall this for a client request, place them at least on separate switches

But it begs the question: Which is better in a closet? Closets are different from kitchens and baths as I will explain in a moment. Let's review the lamps.

Incandescent: 7 month lamp life is short lived, 300 degree heat is derived from only 10% efficiency. However, its color rendition or Kelvins is superb at 2500 degrees, which casts a soft yellow glow.

Fluorescent: 7 year lamp life and 70% efficiency ranks second to LED in terms of bulb characteristics. However, 5000 degree Kelvins casts a harsh, unflattering light in kitchens and bath (unless you buy it color rendering, which this bulb isn't).

Fluorescent is a better light for a closet. 5000 degree Kelvin is unflattering, but it is better for distinguishing blues and blacks or the opposite of the color spectrum from wood tones...

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