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Monday, January 17, 2011

Filter It

Why are you still drinking bottled water? If you are drinking one per day, your habit will cost $474 per year. This does not include the effect packaging does to the environment. Why not filter your own? Most bottled water companies are actually just filtering municipal water, which is the same idea.

The difference is the same money will allow you to filter 4,000 Gallons of water rather than 45.63. That's a 1,000 time premium for bottled water.

Here are two to consider:

Everpure PBS400 (I have this one): Filters 4,000 gallons right through the main faucet. Simple, easy filtering for drinking water.

Parallel 202 Whole house Filter: Try buying a water filter for your home. It's worse than insurance. Everpure has a number of cartridge options and filter replacement is easy.

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