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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Question of 3(.25%)

I am apolitical. Typically I support the candidate rather than voting with the party. Question 3 intrigues me, and I am not being selfish. If we are not 6.25% more compelling by now, we don't deserve the business.

That being said, Question 3 or bringing the sales tax from 6.25 to 3% is pretty volatile. On one side, we lose 2.4 billion dollars out of the budget at the worst possible time. Budget would basically be blown up, etc. Some of this is frustration at government, but this is not a healthy way to vent

However, as the other side points out, lowering the sales tax would increase volume considerably and create infrastructure especially at the border and thus more jobs. Jobs create more revenue and thus more tax revenue. Stores would likewise reinvest in Mass because the internet and New Hampshire would be a non-issue at 3%. So by deducting we would actually be winning.

The central question is whether our state can operate at a 3% tax if that volume does not add needed revenue. Some say our infrastructure would disintegrate, others say it would create a more responsible government

Guess I don't really know

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