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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pro Ranges

Every once in awhile, I like to compare the top companies in a category. Today is 30 inch pro ranges.

Wolf DF304

Like: Great simmer capability, great clock interface, dual fuel (industry term as electricity is not a fuel), two convection fans, self cleaning.

Dislike: $5599 is the highest price, but still Wolf is an excellent unit.

Viking VGCC5304BSS

Like: Great name, product works

Dislike: No special features for a $4389 unit, not even self cleaning. To clarify, the unit has 15k burners, which simmer ok and has convection...but nothing else

Capital GCR305

Like: $3399, 25,000 BTU venter burner(competitors are 15,000), 5 burner top, convection

Dislike: Unknown commodity to some degree, no self cleaning

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