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Monday, September 20, 2010

Galley Green

We will be featuring respected local designers, builders and projects, which may help you in designing your own space....This is a good one.

If you had a galley kitchen 20 years ago, you were either forced to spend a ton of dough on a professional fridge or relegated to buy regular-depth non-matching products.

Most of us have standard refrigerators, but in a galley, this is an issue of space. You have to walk around the fridge to access the rest of your kitchen (if you have an old galley, your refrigerator is in the back right corner).

As Melissa Hammond of Hammond Design (plug intended and deserved) shows us:

  • Refrigerator is shallow, so there is plenty of room
  • Bosch matching suite...buying one brand homogenizes the handles, so all units look identical

But wait there is more on the lighting side

  • The undercounter lights are LED, so they use about 5 watts each and have a 20 year life
  • The overhead is color rendering CFLs, so the total kitchen has an equivalent of less than 30 total watts
  • On the right a pass through was designed to allow natural lighting during the day and allow for easy serving to the eating area
  • Cabinets are locally sourced....Thus finalizing a Green kitchen
Kitchen is affordable and state of the art efficient.

That's how its done.....nice work.

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  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    What a lovely kitchen! Kudos to the designer and Yale Appliance.