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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Tale of Two Advantiums

The GE Advantium is the most successful of the speedcookers on the market. Then again, it could be one of the only successful speed-cookers on the market. It uses high powered halogen bulbs to cook up to 8 times faster than a regular stove.

Consumers are buying this unit:

The 110V over the range

The OTR has a vent, intuitive controls and can be used as an ancilliary oven with cooking speed up to 4 times faster. GE actually manufactures a faster 220v model as well, but a seperate electrical line needs to be installed.

Consumers are not buying this...

The 220v wall oven

I like the speed of the unit, but for $2199 you can almost buy a Bosch convection double wall oven.

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