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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pro Electric Alternatives

Lets go back to the Wolf Gas/electric (Hi George) DF304.

As said in a previous post, this is a great range. But what if you only have electric? You can bury a propane tank in your yard and convert the range to propane.

There are, however,better alternatives in actual electric as follows:

Electrolux EIS65JS

Repeat after me: Induction is faster than gas. Seriously. It also simmers better and is virtual childsafe. It also requires less ventilation, because it emits much less heat into the room than gas. With that in mind, Electrolux is a great range with intuitive controls, convection oven and yet another oven below. Price is $2500 less than the Wolf.

Frigidaire FPCS3085

Frigidaire is Electrolux Light. This unit has 2 induction burners, convection oven and a warming drawer underneath. At $2049, the Frigidaire is $1150 less than the Electrolux and $3150 less than the Wolf.

Buy an induction range...and bury a pool in the yard instead of a tank.


  1. brett2:24 PM

    Any thoughts on the FPCF3091LF? It's the new freestanding version of the Frigidaire and is ~$300 cheaper than the slide-in. I never understood why slide-ins were more expensive anyways - seems like they're smaller?

  2. Brett,

    Love that range...Slide ins are not as mass produced, so cost per unit is higher...If you believe your Freshman Econ teacher

    The freestanding is a great value, but the slidein is a better aesthetic. I always let the consumer decide