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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In With The New

I saw this in my travels yesterday in a lunchroom...

This is the old JennAir C101. It is burners, which can be converted to a grill and an integral downdraft system. This is one neat little package, and a popular product in the 80's.

Yet you are not buying it or it's more streamlined version today.

Here is why:

1. Better looking hoods....They are actually really nice. Look for companies like XO, Zephyr and Best.

2. Better cooktops...more powerful gas and induction options from Electrolux, Bosch and even Frigidaire

3. Better Downdraft...The downdafts(or vents)are up to 4 times stronger than the current version of this product. Look for Broan, Thermador among others

4. Failure of this company to understand market trends and improve existing products. I used to love this company, and now its not even displayed at Yale.


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    This old Jen air that your showing form the 80's is almost the same one I have. Our grill is broken and we need a new one. Do you know where we can get one? All the new ones are much larger and won't fit in the spot this one is in now, so that's why we would like to keep this one if we can get a grill for it..


  2. Send me your model number...sorry for the late reply, I just returned from vaca