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Monday, August 09, 2010

How to Survive Tax Weekend

So it is the Tax Free weekend again August 14-15th.

The State Tax Weekend allows an exemption of products $2499 or less for personal use. In theory, a consumer can purchase an unlimited amount of items under $2499 without tax.

Following is a few tips on how to survive the crowds and the aggravation thereof:

1. Do your shopping now before the weekend.

2. Generate a quotation on the items you wish to purchase.

3. Either tell the salesperson to process the order on TaxDay or call/fax or email that weekend.

4. If you want to shop that weekend, head out early to your prime destinations. By prime, I refer to the big ticket items. If you're waiting in line 3 hours for a $20 item, you may find that your time is probably worth more.

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