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Monday, August 23, 2010

Filter it

I will never understand this...

These bottles belong to my neighbor and friend, Roger. Rog will be flying home on the red eye and will be greeted by these 3 bottles. Upon unpacking, he will have to bring these down 20 stairs into a tight closet where the cooler currently resides.

Instead, he can buy one of these filters and have filtered water on demand

My favorite (as I have posted before) is the Everpure PBS-400, which filters 3000 gallons for $379 or 12.6 cents per gallon

At least Rog wont have to go to the gym later...


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM


    1. Does installation of this unit require changing out your faucet?

    2. Consumer Reports indicates that other models from this manufacturer do a good job of filtering water, but that clogging and water flow are issues. Have you found these to be the case in your experience?

    3. How often do you change the filter and how much does a new filter cost?



  2. The PBS400 installs into the cold water of your existing line

    Clogging is a result of sediment....Change the filter every 6-8 months for about $79

    Good question