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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Credit Cards

For Tax Weekend, many of you will shop now and leave your information with the store to process over the weekend. Although this a smart way to dodge the masses, do not leave your credit card information unless the store encrypts the information.

TJX ran into that problem a couple years ago when their customers information was leaked. If the information is written down and not encrypted (password protected), you run the very real risk of identity theft.

Ask how the store safeguards your information. It is not worth the risk if they do not encrypt


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    If they are MA based, they are required to encrypt und 201 CMR 17.00 which has been in effect since March.

  2. They are required to....but it always doesnt happen. Many stores will write it down and publish later especially for this weekend

    The machines are encrypted, but sales have to be processed on Saturday