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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Most Popular Shallow Depths

Every once in awhile, I look at keywords to understand what people want to read. NXR ranges and shallow depth refrigerators are the most popular topics by far. Dont quite fathom the popularity of NXR, but shallow depth is understandable.

Last week, we talked about the different types and benefits. Today it is the actual products.

SubZero BI36U/S overlay or stainless

Back in 2004, this was was the number 7 most popular selling refrigerator in the country...That is staggering. But that was also a different world. SubZero is a great refrigerator. They always have had two compressors, so the temperature stays more constant. They have self sealing crispers and a vacuum seal, so the outside air stays out.

Last year, they added an air scrubber, so food stays fresher longer as well as a water purifier. SubZero is still the best name for actual reselling a house (funny, we dont know the name of our shingles) and is still the aesthetic standard.

KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS

Its french door and its the largest. Its also reasonable for a shallow depth product.

But the most popular is......

Bosch B2230SNS

Sure, you dont like side by sides, but more people have purchased this unit than any other for 2 unrelated reasons....First, you like Bosch products, and this rounds out a Bosch kitchen. Bosch also incentivizes you to do so.

But at $1799 after rebate...This is one of the least expensive shallow depths in the industry.

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