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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More Visual Aids

When I was an appliance lad, our display was very similar to what you see everywhere....rows and rows of stuff lined up by category. That's fine if people want to buy just one piece....if they need to renovate a space, however, you need to create an environment...

I always partner with a granite shop (Adamo in Boston, great guy) and try to show people radically new products and ideas for their consideration

This is our latest environment...

Cooktop is a Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau steamer...Look at the downdraft, it is self circulating and is vented back through the toe kick

36 inch pizza ovens from Gaggenau

Cool monorail track and pendants from Tech....I like track as an option to recessed lighting, especially in modern spaces

Cool faucet

Stainless island counters look good, but we will see once they have been used(and abused)...interestng rock backsplash

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