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Monday, June 21, 2010

How To Vent A Pro Range

Roughly 150 or so people read this blog daily. Another 150-200 people read this on direct feed. This number will fluctuate based on interest. People finishing projects will probably opt out over time.

I can only tell you 2 people who never read it....my parents. They can't, otherwise they never would have done this:

Miele is a nice hood, but it is not designed to be placed over a pro range. If you have a pro range, especially 36 or 48 inch, then buy a vent with the following...

1. 21-27 inch depth, depending on the size of the range
2. CFM of at least 600 for just burners and up to 1500 CFM with grill in a 48 inch. I always specify a larger motor, because it will exhaust the worst odors quickly. The price difference is not that much.
3. Exhaust should go straight up or straight back with few turns (if any)

Couple of alternatives for Ma and Pa

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