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Friday, June 18, 2010


If you are planning a renovation, always start at cooking. Cooking products have the most options, which can change the layout and design of your kitchen.

Have a look at this kitchen with myriad options and we will look at a few in detail.

Free standing stove

Free standing stoves do not have to be 48 inch, but the most common is 30 inch with 36 also being popular. Free standing stoves use the least amount of room of all the options, and the cooking is in one centralized area. Issues are you have to bend for the oven and venting in islands is more complicated (see Sallys Kitchen).

Wall Oven/Cooktop:

Two equal sized ovens, no bending for ovens and tons of venting and cooking options are the main benefits to this combo. It is more expensive and you need more space

Cooktop over a wall oven

Yes its expensive (probably $1,000 more than a comparable freestanding), but the granite and the toe kick does not need to be cut, so it it is more attractive.

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