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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bosch French Door

Bosch has finally introduced a French door bottom mount. Have a look:

Let's be coolly objective:

Pros: Aesthetically appealling, can be packaged with other Bosch appliances

Cons: Misses 70% of the market, because it is not shallow depth


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    How far does that door have to open for the veggie bins to slide out?

  2. I deleted a comment on the shelves by accident. You can pull the shelves all the way with the refrigerator at 90 degrees, but to pull the shelf out completely, the doors would have to be opened to almost 180 degrees

  3. Thanks Steve . . so say the refrigerator is at the end of a run and there is an opposing perpendicular wall 3" away. Will my client be able to pull out the veggie drawer without any problem under normal use. The shelves on the doors look ridiculously too large for this to happen. Kim, Kit. Designer

  4. Kit...I am in our service center 2day. I will send a follow up on Saturday/Monday

  5. Kim,

    The answer is no....drawer can not be removed without being opened almost 180 degrees