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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Store Display

I was walking on the alarmingly vacant, but still toney Newbury St Saturday night and was drawn to this store like a magnet. Place is called AllSaints, and I never heard of it. They sell clothing, but this is their store front (wish I had a better camera).

Have a closer look

Sewing machines for a clothing store...I thought it was brilliant. At Yale, we do not have pedestrian traffic, so we use color to enhance the store experience at the front door. I love using color as a design feature. In my amateur opinion, color personalizes the interior, and also creates a more fun and informal space.

If a clothing company can throw sewing machines in a store front, certainly you can be a little more bold in designing your space.

Wouldn't you say?


  1. I'm fairly certain I am not their target demographic, but I'm going. Those sewing machines are just too fabulous.

  2. Love the sewing machine display--good find, Steve! Hope you're well.

  3. Would have loved to seen what you would have done in the second Yale....We are doing well. Hopefully you are doing the same