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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Its funny and counter-intuitive, but in the 4 years blogging, I have never said go to Yale. You look at 5,000 ads a day, and I don't need to be part of the problem. It is more interesting showing you how and what to buy anyway, and then you decide for yourself.

Today is a different day, however. 3 years ago our GE rep, Ron Vecchia, said you should have an event called Innovation and showcase cooking and some of your cutting edge stuff...So I promptly stole his idea (beats thinking).

The best part are the chef demos. The demonstrations cost nothing to attend, but you need to RSVP. This year is the best by far...Have a look:

Jason Santos Executive Chef Gargoyles: Arguably one of the top three chefs in Boston. This guys food sets the standard for cutting edge. He is a first time Yale demonstrator. RSVP

Billy Strynkowski, Executive Chef Cooking Light Magazine: His demonstration captivated 40 people at The Home Show...for 6 hours. 6 Hours...unbelievable. His theme for Saturday is Al Fresco cooking. RSVP

Steve Shipley, Johnson And Wales University. Steve is my all time favorite. He could invent an unbelievable dish just using condiments(just kidding). He is like MacGyver...only with food. RSVP

How do you find out about these free demos? Sign up for our cooking newsletter. The goal is to highlight a new cooking product, publish a cooking tip and have a cooking demo each month.


  1. Francis7:45 AM

    On the subject of Guest Chefs at Yale Appliance, can you tell us if Yale's Chef Kurt Von Kahle will be giving product and cooking demonstrations, again, on this blog in the future?