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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cigars And 3 Wine Cooler Considerations

Walked around the showroom and saw this little novelty...

Its a humidor from Liehberr. Cigars need to be kept in a moist environment or they dry out, which is not optimum...This is a cool unit assuming, of course, you like cigars.

Once upon a time, a wine storage company stuck a humidor in their unit, which is not a good idea. Unless you want your wine to taste like your stogie.

Since wine is living grapes, it is sensitive to everything. In order to buy the right wine cooler for long term storage, it must do the following:

1. Protect against light. Some wine coolers have a low E door, which will block UV and other harmful rays.

2. Vibration will alter the wines composition (a nice way of saying "ruining it"). SubZero insulates their compressor on grommets, so the unit will not shake when cycling. For those who have less than 3,000 to spend, just insure the racks glide out to minimize vibration.

3. Temperature/Humidity control: Heat and humidity will, once again, kill wine. Humidity is a double edged sword. Too much and the labels peel. Too little and the cork will dry and allow air into the wine. Only a few companies actually have accurate temperature controls...You want 2, one for white and red.

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