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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buy This as an Alternative to That...Part 2

Lets have a look at the SubZero refrigerator

SubZero is the best refrigerator in the market. Features include dual compressors, vacuum seal, an air scrubber and self sealing crispers. It is shallow depth so the unit will be flush to the cabinets. As I said, SubZero is the best, but then again at around $8000, it should be.

Lets look at alternatives...

Electrolux EW23BC71IS

For less than half the price at $3449, the Electrolux is a french door with an icemaker and has the same shallow depth look of a SubZero. Eliminate the icemaker and save $800. But still $2649 is a bit pricey.

Bosch B22CS30SNS

French doors are supposedly all the rage. Yet the Bosch side by side still outsells them in shallow depth. $1849 plus rebates is the reason. Look at this in a package for decent, affordable luxury.

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