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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Product in Review

When I first started writing the ole blog, I started comparing a front load to a top load. Well one product has changed and one hasn't (since 1948).

The New Bosch WFVC645:

4.4 Cubic foot capacity.....Older front loads averaged 3.5 to 3.8 cubic feet
13 gallons of water....versus 17-19
130 KWH....versus 220
RPM spin: 1100 versus 800. (Faster spin will dry the clothes allowing for less time in the dryer)

Any Top Load:

2.5 Cubic foot capacity (remove the volume of the agitator)
42 gallons per wash
440 KWH
RPM spin 400

So the front load is now almost twice bigger, uses less than a third of the water and about one quarter of the energy and spins three times faster.

In 2006, EnergyStar claimed the savings would be about $100 per year. This was based on 8 loads a week. Of course the front load equivalent would be about 5 loads.

Savings now should be at least $150-200 (not including the energy saved for the dryer)

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