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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Many Brands of Induction

An anonymous poster asked the difference between the profusion of new induction cooktops (induction is faster, less heat retentive, childsafe, with a better simmer and 90% efficient, and yes it is cheaper than pro gas).

We show Thermador, Bosch, GE, Wolf, Electrolux, Viking and Gaggenau. Most are identical looking with the big burner in the middle and the smaller units on the sides. We have several of these units live, and that middle burner is fast, really fast...But as it turns out, they are not identical, here are the top wattage:

Miele- 3850
Wolf- 4000
Viking- 3700
Electrolux- 3800
Kitchenaid- 3600
GE- 3700
Bosch- 4400
Thermador- 4600

Fastest: Thermador

Best Value: Electrolux


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Thanks for the Induction update. I think there are additional criteria besides speed and value, though those are important. What about ease of use/well designed? reliability (fewest repairs)? best features (different from having the most features)? Thanks! LK

  2. Reliability is measured over the long term, and there is not a real deviation between them as of yet

    In terms of what may be best, it really depends on the client...If you leave your number, we can discuss what may be important to you

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hi - can I call you? ...feels funny to leave my number. LK

  4. Its Pats beady eyes, isnt it.....Call me anytime