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Friday, April 09, 2010

Induction Compared

I really am unbiased. What people buy at Yale is consequential to me as long as they are happy with their purchase and are treated fairly. However, when a product is superior, I will certainly extol its virtues (unless it has a bad repair record).

Induction is that product. It is faster, safer, easier to simmer and less expensive than pro gas. We have a number of Youtube videos demonstrating this.

Electrolux seems to be ahead in the induction category. Lets compare their two slide in models:

Frigidaire (an Electrolux Brand) FPCF3085UF...

At $2599, this unit is hybrid induction meaning two of the five burners are induction and the other two are electric. This unit also features a convection oven and warming drawer

Electrolux EW30IS65JS $3599

Better than above with a more intuitive (still like that word) control panel, all induction burners and a second oven instead of just a warmer.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Are these ranges really worth the $1000-1500 premium over a smooth top electric?

  2. Depends on what you value...It is $1,000 value versus a regular slide in and 1500 more than a convection free standing as you have said

    Induction is the best cooking period. It is way faster, better on the simmer, child safe and retains less heat.

    You also do not need as much venting, becuase it is more efficient and allows way less heat to escape...You can probably save money on the hood

    Now with that being said...Is it worth the price? Depends on the client....If someone doesnt cook, I wouldnt even present the product...If they do and are considering a more expensive pro gas, then yes absoutely

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Now what about Electrolux versus GE, or even Bosch? What makes one induction cooktop better than another?

  4. A question which will be answered in a post tomorrow...Its only a day away(get it)

  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    got it. can't wait to know - - getting ready to do a kitchen re-do and am committed to induction, but not sure what differentiates the different manufacturers and what's important. And if you spend more, what are you getting for the extra $? Hope to learn all that and more! LK