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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Failure....Its the New Success

Enough with the how-to's, green tips, etc...If Google can celebrate failure than so can we. Have a look at some appliances which you as the buying public refused to buy.

The LG all everything refrigerator.

Years ago, a refrigerator with internet capability, jukebox, tv, camera and menus would be desirable. In my marketing experience, ask people if they want something, they will invariably say yes (heck I want my refer to do the same). However, if you tell them it is $8,000, they (along with I will) say no. This unit exists only in our lunchroom, where it holds our lunches....like a regular refrigerator.

The Whirlpool Polara

I actually liked this product. You can grab an item out of the freezer, defrost and then cook it in the same oven...It refrigerated and cooked....We sold one. The display. The whole "smart" appliance trend never materialized as people did not want to pay the premium. We want our appliances dumb and cheap

The Maytag Neptune
The Neptune killed the 100 year old Maytag company. In what seems an eon ago, Maytag was known for dependability. The Neptune failed in peoples homes at a staggering rate. Either Maytag couldn't or wouldn't rectify the issue thus killing its pedigree, brand and marketing...It exists today only as a division of the Whirlpool company.

Tomorrow its back to more successful products.

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