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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Water Math

Lets look at this bottle of quality V water purchased at the airport for $2.49. Its 25oz so 5 of these are a gallon (I looked it up on Google).

Now lets assume that a better deal is available than this airport V water...Lets say $1.25, so the price of a gallon would be $6.25 or 1 bottle every 5 days. So the price of buying 3300 gallons would be $4,917 plus for one bottle of water per work day at $1.25.

If you look under my sink, you will understand why I do not drink bottled water (unless faced with interminable delays at the airport).

This is the Everpure PBS400. It filters through the cold water line, so no additional faucets are needed. The system costs $349 and the filter is $130 for 3300 gallons or $4500 cheaper than bottled (it then becomes just 150 per year for the filter).

Most bottled water is just that. Its municipal water filtered through large filters. Seems much cheaper to simply buy a filter and do it yourself

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