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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuck in Florida

Evidentally it is raining in Boston, so without a showroom I will blog about my parents new kitchen. New is an operative term, because they had cabinets without the granite for probably 6 months. Probably the first good lesson about kitchen design is hire good people

My folks have managed to accomplish good and bad within the same space.


The Good:

I like the Tech Orbs on either side of the sink. Small, unobtrusive yet decorative.

LED undercabinet...uses 10 watts per strip instead of 170 with halogen based undercabinet.

The Bad:

5 inch recessed on a short ceiling. It would have been neater with a smaller can like a 4 inch or a low voltage.


The appliances aren't actually new, but are decent: Shallow depth refrigerator, electric slide-in, over the range microwave with a Miele dishwasher being the splurge.

Overall, not bad.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    What brand / type of LED undercabinet lights did they use? I'm curious as to price / installations. Thanks

  2. Ummmm...when can I move in? It's beautiful! I agree, totally, about the cans...

  3. They used Juno....Here are the numbers

    UPL09-WH $94.00 for a 9"
    UPL14-WH $122.00 for a 14"
    UPL22-WH $154.00 for a 22"
    UPL30-WH $191.00 for a 30"

    Sorry for the delay

  4. Roger Pontes3:52 PM

    Direct wire on these Juno undercabinet lights. No transformer required for installation.