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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Stainless Range

If you are want to see emerging trends in residential product design, look in the commercial/restaurant space or travel to Europe.

The stainless range is no exception. Someone once looked in a commercial kitchen and thought...I wonder if this would work in my house.

Thus the pro range was born. The pro range has the high heat of a commercial with insulation, so it can be situated next to cabinets. It also wont burn your hands by touching it...a necessary perk.

Then of course, stainless became a nascent (good word, admit it) trend. Frigidaire was the first to see it 15 years ago and now every manufacturer markets a bunch...Add the competition to another recent trend, the recession, and you have the next fad (a short term trend)...called the price drop.

This stainless self-cleaning range is now under $400 or $300 cheaper than its original price...


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Will the Stainless trend ever go away? Who decided it was a good idea? Did they try to clean it? okay, I'll get off my soap box and got back to getting the smudges off my stainless fridge door.

  2. Probably not for two reasons: First it matches every style, and secondly what is the replacement?

    BTW, buy some stainless steel cleaner...We sell the cleaner as wipes. They are eco friendly and easy to use

  3. i just read back through almost all of your "range" posts and was wondering what your recommendation would be for a dual fuel 30" range? i really want a gas cooktop...would you recommend dual fuel? i just have no idea what brand is better for the money. four burners is good, any other gadget is great, a warming drawer or second small oven is always nice but not required. just want the most bang for our buck! thanks for anything you are willing to give :)