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Friday, March 05, 2010

Practical Applications

I have shown you photos of solitary products in appliance store settings...Now lets look at some of these in a residential setting....

Look at the guy on the left, his name is Joe Casserly, and he has built some of the nicest houses in the area.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to up light different areas like cornices and on top of cabinets lets see what Joe does (look at picture number 2 and 4.)

Nice House to say the least.

Lets look at 1/3 of the kitchen...(my iPhone is somewhat limited)

LED undercabinet lighting.

Wolf rangetop with island trim and Best in cabinet blower pack. Island trims allow the backsplash to be highlighted by eliminating the backguard...Joe accentuated the cabinets by placing the motor inside the cabinet itself rather than buying a stainless hood.


  1. Can you say what brand of LED Undercabinet lights those were? Are they dimmable?


  2. He used dimmable Jesco tape. CSL will be manufacturing regular LED dimmable strips, which will be available shortly