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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cash For Clunkers...Yet Again

I always sound like an illiterate during an interview. Hard to know the root cause(never mind the obvious conclusion that I am an illiterate). Back to Cash For Clunkers for a quick post. The rebates are $250 for a qualified dishwasher, $200 for qualified refrigerator, $175 for a qualified washer and $50 for a freezer during this promotion.

This is a big deal for the people within Massachusetts. For example, Tax Day is the biggest retail holiday beside Christmas. The tax rebate is 6.25%. In Cash for Clunkers, however, a $250 rebate on a dishwasher is at the very least 20% and more realistically 40-50% of an average dishwasher purchase

Additionally, nearly all the factory and utility rebates apply, so a $350 dishwasher can become $49 after rebate.

My suggestion: Go to www.Masssave.com/residential, and be the first to register. That is the key. We will publish the best values factoring in all the rebates by April 8. You will have 2 weeks to shop, then register and take advantage of some very good prices

BTW, the aforementioned article


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