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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Your Delivery person is a Criminal?

Kind of a different yet important post today

Fox News had an expose last night about delivery and tradespeople having criminal records. I can actually(it is Fox) believe this. About 15 years ago, a Yale technician once stole a ring from a customers house. I recovered the ring and learned a very valuable lesson.

Here is how you can deter criminals from entering your home:

1 Ask if the store is CORI certified. CORI is the state computer for criminal offenders. Certification allows for access

2. Credit checks: Look for bankruptcies and other credit problems. If they are short of cash, you could be at risk

3. Random drug screens: If you are a company, this is a given. Once again, as a consumer it is a question worth asking

Ask these questions before accepting delivery

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