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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Light The Outside

As far as I am concerned Daylight Savings time means winter...and darkness.

You have plenty of choices for lighting the exterior of your house...

But, like all decorative (search decorative on this blog) lighting, there is no rule for sizing the actual fixture. Lets look at each iteration:

Wall: Typically, there are three sizes of outside lights. The smaller type is for garages and smaller spaces, the medium will accommodate most other applications. The largest size...you guessed it is for larger applications and homes.

Post: Post lights are electrified by a...post, and can fit on fences as well. Typically there are two sizes, which you choose based on the expanse of the yard.

Hanging/Flush: This is not the most popular style, but can be great on farmers porches and other covered outside spaces (small note here any fixture on the outside should be rated for damp or wet location).

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