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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best Ranges (For Now)

Its almost Thanksgiving, which means cooking.....and thus means ranges. Beats thinking about the Lions being beaten down yet again.

But which to choose? Following are my favs for value...

The Frigidaire FGF368(Gas)/FEF368(Electric)

Just a great basic self cleaning range...Stainless steel is only $589

The Bosch HGS5053/HES3053

I like this range. It has a power and simmer burner, convection and a griddle burner for good measure. Its manufacturered bt Frigidaire, but looks better under the Bosch name and is $120 cheaper....

The GE PHB925

You can buy a 30 inch induction cooktop for $2000 or buy this range with convection and double ovens for $2499....Best performing cooking product in the store.


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I'm shopping for a gas range and I can't choose which one to get. I first was looking to get Frigidaire FPGF3081KF, but now seeing that you like Bosch HGS5053 and it's cheaper than Frigidaire.... Help!

  2. Lets make it easy, my anonymous friend...Its the same range, buy the cheaper one

    Hows that?

  3. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hm, my local appliance store's quote for the Frigidaire is $30 cheaper than Bosch. Since it also has a lot more features that the Bosch doesn't have, would you agree it's a better deal to get the Fridgidaire now? I can't find much review about it and no place around me has the model on site so it's a bit unsettling to buy it without seeing and touching :(

    Would you say for $1099 it's a good buy? Thanks for your advise.