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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Two Fans Are Better Than One?

In the 1970s, convection was introduced in wall ovens. Simply, convection is fan forced heat, so a more even heat is spread through the oven. Thus, food is more consistently cooked. We bake cookies at Yale 6 days a week, and each cookie has the same texture and flavor (not that anyone seems to notice.)

Flash forward 30 years and Wolf designs a new system employing 2 fans with more cooking modes and programs.

Have a look:

Great item, but at $7,000, it could be expensive. Surprisingly, there is now a new alternative from Frigidaire Professional with 2 similar fans...

One word of caution: Just because it has 2 fans, it does not guarantee performance. We will have to cook with this product, before we consider it a worthy alternative.

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