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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mercury And You Part 2

Quick Question:

Which contains more mercury; this Yale associate or a compact fluorescent bulb?

Correct answer is the Yale associate. The Yale associate has fillings, which contain higher levels of mercury than this bulb. Mercury is a dangerous element and harmful but, the bulb has only trace levels of mercury. You still however, have to dispose of it properly.

The benefits in my opinion (Hello Benton Harbor) outweigh the risks. The fluorescent is 4 times more efficient, lasts 10 times longer and emits 1/3 the heat compared to a standard incandescent bulb. We actually converted most of the showroom to color rendering (similar color output as an incandescent) fluorescent.

Total savings first month $1500-2500. Staggering as it may seem, we were able to use 5 watt fluorescent instead of 25 watt incandescent, and we no longer have the heat issue in the store...which turns on the ac, etc. We also do not have to change bulbs constantly.

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