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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet The New Boss (Tomorrow)

Had a great blog set for today...I was posting the new introductions on appliances from an industry show held at Foxwoods yesterday, but I forgot the pictures. So now the post is about: How to buy appliances now:

Some of this is a review

1. Look for rebates: Its still number one. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and every appliance store has some kind of rebate offer. Example: Viking and Thermador pro ranges have similar specs, but Thermador is also adding a dishwasher for free with purchase...advantage Thermador.

2. Have a Bottom Line Mentality: 30% off $1,000 is still more expensive than $650. As consumers, we pay with dollars not discounts. The price at the bottom of the invoice is the only relevant item

3. Free is...?: Free Delivery is a great idea, unless there is a charge of $30 for removal, another $60 to walk up two flights of stairs and $25 for a range cord(which costs $3). Ask these questions before you buy

4. Buy what you use, will use and more importantly understand: The over the range GE Advantium is a great piece cooking at 4-8 faster than a regular range. If you use just the microwave only feature, you have overspent by $400-500...same with convection or any other step up feature.

5. Be Social: Angies List is worth the subscription, some free resources like Yelp and Citysearch will have reviews. Quick Note: There are issues with every store...Look at the responses from the stores to the problems as an indicator of your future experience...Also, ask friends, neighbors and tradespeople where they shop

6. Selection is good: Meaning you want to see it. Do not be pushed into store brands without a reason as salespeople typically are paid a higher commission for selling a store brand

7: Service: Establish who will fix it BEFORE you buy. Appliances are not cars. Every major car dealership has service, not every appliance store does the same. You will need service on a new product 15-18% of the time, so prepare beforehand

8. Walk: There are plenty of stores who want your business if someone is being unreasonable or unaccommodating(or both)

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