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Monday, September 21, 2009

Electric Ranges...Basics

As I wrote with gas, the basics of free standing stoves is easy to understand, of the two, electric is even easier. Most electric ranges have a glass top called ceran. There are only two places where these tops are manufactured with Schott being the primary supplier.

So lets look at the real differences between electric ranges...

The top

1. Basic 4 burner
2. 4 burners with warming zone
3. 4 burners with oblong or griddle type burner
3. Induction...Magnetic heat. Fastest and best form of cooking (gas or electric)


1. Basic radiant oven
2. Convection..fan forced heat to keep a more even heat


1. Storage
2. Warming Drawer - keeps food warm for up to 3 hours
3. Second Oven

1. storage
2. warming drawer...keeps food warm for up to 3 hours
3. second oven

Two companies seem to dominate our electric range sales, Frigidaire and GE. Frigidaire has decent features for the price. GE is a little more upscale and has the only induction range in the free standing category.

For more specific information about electric ranges, please click here for the electric range buyers guide

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