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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We spend a ton of time explaining the vast difference between EnergyStar front load washers and the conventional top loaders. In the long term, the cost of operation of a top load is way too expensive...

Dryers are the same story just with different terminology. Couple of pointers on buying the right unit:

1. Dont worry about size. The smallest dryer is larger than the biggest washer.

2. Look for a moisture sensor: Moisture sensor will shut the heat when it senses a level of moisture in your clothes. Total win/win. Clothes are not shrunk and energy is not wasted.

3. Don't buy on cycles: It's just a timer anyway. Cycles are writing next to the knob. Total waste of your dough if you are buying a machine only on this basis.

For no extra charge, following are a few operating tips:

1. Do multiple loads at once...Dryer is already hot, and there is no energy wasted.

2. Clean the lint filter often...Dryer operates more efficiently.

3. If you do not feel like ironing (I actually like ironing), throw the wrinkled garment into the dryer on an air fluff cycle.

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  1. Can you suggest an entry level front loader set on a budget?

    How about a set worth splurging the extra cash on?