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Monday, May 25, 2009

10% Off?

Are Holidays celebrated or are they now just marketing opportunities in disguise? The newest ads are 10-15% off. Off what? Since the economic downturn, manufacturers have routinely offered 5-35% in the form of rebates, so shop around. 10% should be easy to beat.

One last thought: I live in Boston near Copley. Without fail, I will bump into our delivery guys working. Years ago, I did it as a form of quality control.
Now, I already know their job performance. They have background checks, credit checks and have to pass mandatory drug testing in order to work at Yale...

My point to this post is this: Do you know who is walking in your house? Couple of pointers:

1. Buy from a reputable establishment

2. Ask if your delivery is handled in house or outsourced. Find out the trucker and run a basic Google search against that company

3. Ask for identification before he/she enters the home

4. Be careful when someone is in your home. That includes people and valuables.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Steve, what do your delivery guys do if an item is too big to fit in a house/apt? Will they take doors of a side by side refrig and attempt it that way?

  2. Almost all the doors are removed if we are delivering into brownstones...

    They will not attempt a delivery if the refrigerator without the doors will not fit OR cannot be turned on the stairs. Fitting through the door is only part of the puzzle

    If there are any questions, we have a truck supervisor and three man teams designed for this eventuality

  3. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I have a large amoire, bigger than a refrigerator that movers got into my unit. While the refridgerator would fit through the doors it would be too big to turn on the stairs (they were able to lift the amoire due to open railings, etc). Does this mean I'm out of luck on the refridgerator because it won't turn?

  4. I usually send a truck supervisor to the home to see what the potential issues could be

    Craning is also a possibility