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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Vent a Pro Properly

So many Vents...So many Choices

We show about 50 or so vents...Here is what you need to know about venting a professional or high output range so your house does not smell like the last thing you cooked

1. Capture area or depth is important, at least 24 inches

2. Vent straight...either straight up or back with as few elbows as possible

3. Use the appropriate duct...4 inch duct is for dryers not hoods

4.CFM should be:

1200 or higher for 48 inch
900 for a 36 inch with grill
600 for anything else

As I write this, the difference between a 600 and 1200 cfm blower is about $250. If you grill or wok, consider upgrading your blower cappacity accordingly.

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