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Monday, April 06, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard (And Expensive) To Do

Great tune. Happy Monday, I guess.

Let us presume that you will be planning/consummating or otherwise considering a remodel, renovation or new construction. Let us state further that your budget has been cut.

If you want a seriously different piece of advice guaranteed (not in a telemarketer type of way) to save you some dough, then do not split your appliances.

A single wall oven, which is defined as a stove without burners in a wall, is $700-1800 on average. A very good freestanding range with burners will cost less.

Have a look at a pictorial:

The GE Profile single wall oven with digital LED controls $2289

The GE Gas stove with convection, 17,000 BTU burner and griddle $1299

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