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Monday, March 30, 2009

Slide In Versus Freestanding

If you are remodelling/renovating a kitchen, cooking is the toughest selection. Pro, dual fuel, different sizes, etc. One of the most basic decisions is free standing versus slide in...

Lets look:

Slide-in: This range has the controls on the front instead of the back. Pros: Aesthetically, it is much nicer to see the backguard uninterrupted by a backguard. Also, there are no seams on the sides for spills. Cons: Pricey compared to a free standing range as it costs about $500 versus a similarly priced freestanding range

Free Standing: Defined as controls on the back. Better and more varied prices than a slide-in, but the back can be considered an eyesore in more upscale kitchens

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