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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LED And Me

I decided to replace my incandescent recessed with LED. If you have regular 6 inch cans, you can just replace the trim piece (decorative piece) without touching the housing (electrical part). Its simple replacement.

Is it worth the expense?

Maybe. First the LED is 12 watts versus the 75 incandescent, so I will save on my electric bill. Secondly, LED generates no heat versus 300 degrees for incandescent, so I will save on my AC bills in the summer. Lastly, I will never change a light bulb ever again since the bulbs have a 20 year life.

Have a look...

LED trims are about $110 each. From a cost/benefit analysis, it will be hard to determine the payback for replacement. For new construction, especially people looking at more upscale trims, LED is certainly a better option.


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM


    Do you have to change the housing for 5" cans or is just a simple trim piece change required as it is for 6" cans (and what is the cost)?



  2. Currently, You have to buy the whole unit on the new 5 inch products...Have to check on the price as I am away right now

  3. You can remove the bulb and the current trim you have installed now. Purchase the LED insert, and install the decorative trim if needed. Costs are about $120 for 6", and $175 for 5"