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Monday, September 22, 2008

Yale 2008 Vs 2006

In many ways, Yale is a microcosm of the broader markets. We are very lucky to have a better year than in 2006 (so far). It is, however, a way different mix of products, which reflects the market uncertainty.

In 2006, we sold SubZero, Wolf and Miele to a much higher degree than today. In a way, their decline in sales is a shame. Both companys enjoy compelling products and are truly unique in many aspects. They are victims of the current economic reality. Without equity and declining home values, people are not spending at the same rate. Like other iconic brands, they will be back and will continue to sell to the super premium segment.

Three brands have benefitted from the market weakness. First, people need appliances and will always remodel even in a down market. Two brands, Bosch and Frigidaire, do not surprise me, but the revamped GE line, especially GE Cafe does. The common thread between all three brands is style at a more affordable price....As they coined in the book, Trading Up, the new phrase is called affordable luxury.


  1. Don't know if this is an appropriate place, but Steve: kudos to your repair staff. We purchased our home full of appliances this spring and recently our warmer stopped working. Easy to get the repair guy out and quick to fix. No hassle. No hard time. Even on my GE appliances, which are notoriously difficult to get serviced. I love you guys. Thanks.
    Maggie Charron

  2. Hey thanks...I personally love that department. They keep me sane