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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Advertising, Package Rebates and Other Stuff

As you know, I ceded my spot as CMO to a very capable Igor Muravyev. Our styles could not be more different. I was a radio guy. He is a print person. I am about leveraging our competitive difference. He is about shopping experience as a purchasing driver. Store environment is important for me, but in recessionary times price has to be a main driver. I also think you can price and brand in the same ad.

As I have said, he wasn't hired to be me. So he wins...for now.

But he doesn't write the blog (yet).

Seriously, the only silver lining to a recession is the rebating from manufacturers. The sole intent is to maintain the factory output....For people renovating, this becomes a huge purchasing advantage.

For example:

You are looking at the Frigidaire Professional series: 5 burner gas range with convection, integrated dishwasher, over the range microwave and matching top mount refrigerator. After mail in rebates of 25%, the price becomes $1799 for the package.


  1. Hi all, I am an educated woman and (this year at least) a very good Yale customer, due to a huge home renovation. I just didn't really get the ad, but that's just my opinion. I think it is refreshing and good to debate the pros and cons of ads even in public, as long as it is respectful. It definitely has gotten the job done as far as creating buzz, discussion and interest for Yale. We looked at a lot of places to purchase our home's appliances. For me, in the end, it was the feeling that there was somebody at Yale that would give me the "real" story on what I was buying, along with the desire to use a local company that services what it sells. Good work all of you! Maggie

  2. Hey thanks, Maggie