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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yale PSA: The End of Free Delivery

A sad day at Yale. We have been fighting an internal decision to charge for freight since the beginning of the year. The decision was effected to charge $69 as of July 14th.

The rational:

We have great delivery guys who refuse to work cheap. Each one of these guys has to submit to CORI(state criminal certification) and credit checks before employment and are trained mercilessly before they receive driver/helper status

Gas...No further explanation

The associated costs of fleet management have outstripped our ability to control and mitigate

$69 is still competitive especially since removals($25 apiece elsewhere) and power cords($18-25) are still free at Yale

I did not want charge for freight. However, with the rising associated costs, I did not want to package it in the price and then claim it. We will still offer the best delivery in the industry

I hope you understand its costs


  1. $69 per item, or per delivery?

  2. Per delivery...cords and removals will remain free of charge