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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tax Days And You

As you are probably aware, Massachusetts has declared the weekend of August 17th to be Tax Days or no sales tax on items under $2500. You can buy as many items(with exceptions) under $2500 as your heart and pocketbook desire.

Now we all have the visceral thrill of disproving the adage "there is nothing certain in life but death and ..." . Is the 5%, however, worth the shopping aggravation?

In the appliance industry, the answer is unclear. As I have written in previous posts, appliance manufacturers are killing each other with rebates to increase business. Some of these rebates are as much as 30% of the total value of the products. 30% is way better than 5%.

More ominously, some of the rebates may be pulled in August. Tax weekend has people buying anyway is the rationale. My advice is to check the rebate expiration, so you can have both.

There will be other Tax Day posts on the Yale Blog, and I will teach you the finer points of surviving this weekend

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