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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Land of 100 refrigerators

I do not merchandise Yale anymore. That job resides in the capable hands of Darren, Bobby and Dennis. So when I climb down the ole ivory tower, I question the reasons behind displaying over 100 refrigerators in a new room.

Then I am reminded of the many categories of refrigeration as defined below.

Top Mount: Refrigerator on the top freezer on the bottom

Bottom Mount: Guess

French door Bottom Mount: Side by side top with freezer below

Shallow depth Bottom Mount: Same as bottom mount only does not protrude from the cabinet

Shallow depth French door Bottom Mount: Same as above with side by side doors

Side by side: Refrigerator on the right, freezer on the left

Shallow depth Side by side: Same as above only does not protrude from cabinets

Professional: Compressor on the top..does not protrude from the cabinets: Can be side by side, french or bottom mount

Integrated: Fits seamlessly within the cabinets: Can be any of the above(except pro)

Confused? look again..

Top Mount: Price

Bottom: Ergometrics(you are in the refrigerator 82% of the time)

French Door: Similar to above with design appeal and the shorter doors are better for island applications

Side by side: More freezer space and more organized storage

Pro: Commercial look

Integrated: Never see the actual refrigerator

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