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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3% up and 20% down

A reader on GardenWeb wrote a post to read the Yale Blog, because it is only slightly self serving. I am mostly thankful for an almost positive review.

I also must qualify some of the rebate posts. Manufacturer rebates are available everywhere, not just Yale. As I have said on many occasions, navigating rebates will save a consumer tons of dough. As a side note, I am personally fascinated by the company letters detailing the reasons for a 3-6% increase in prices.....

Only to rebate the same products 20% one month later. Lets look at one of my favorite washer-dryer pairs as an example. The ATF800 is Frigidaires best with heat boost, extra spin and every other cycle ever offered in a washer...Now look at the price.


For the pair $1549 less $300 in rebates is $1249....

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  1. That was my post...If it makes you feel any better Steve, I just ordered all the appliances for my kitchen renovation from Yale. Except for the range which I already owned.